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Posted By theodore345 On 11/08/2008
If you are looking for a really great roofing...

Find a Leak with Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging in the Roofing trade: High-Tech has finally entered the roofing industry!

Does this sound familiar?
“I can’t fix this leak… I have called 3 roofers, no one can find it!”
Thermal Imaging may be able to help you.

Ross Roofing & Solar is excited to be the first contractor in our area to offer this service.

  • Our technicians have been trained by the manufacturer in Thermal Imaging
  • One of the most challenging aspects in the roofing industry is locating the source of “Trouble Leaks”… the leaks that no one else can find.
  • Often, building owners throw in the towel and re-roof their building when no one can solve their leak.
  • Thermal imaging CAN help in many, but not for all roofing & solar scenarios

Uses include:

  • New vantage point for finding trouble leaks
  • Find more or ALL of the leak
  • Discover where more or all damages are in roof system, potential future mold issues due to leaks
  • Find and solve heat loss and drafty houses
  • Ventilation analysis or “Is my attic really being vented correctly?”
  • Finding Radiant floor heating layout
  • Answering the question “Are my solar panels working properly?”
  • Find hot spots in electrical panels
  • Know for sure where your hot water piping is

Thermal Imaging inspections related to roofing and solar start at $300 for simple discovery, $500 for after hours, per inspection trip.

These photos show a Leak at a drain discovered using thermal imaging.

Before you install those wood floors, you can map out your radiant heating tubes!


Typical leak found, but thermal imaging shows water pooling at a hidden second location as well.

Ridge vent in action.


Example of a thermal imaging camera.

Typical heat loss in a house near windows.



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