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Posted By theodore345 On 11/08/2008
If you are looking for a really great roofing...

Solar Installs - Rooftop & Ground Mount

Worry Free Solar and Battery Power Solutions for Your Home or Business

We can save you money and reduce energy consumption with Ross Roofing & Solar’s custom solar solutions. We are a leading provider of solar systems, we can help you harness the power of the sun to save money on rising energy costs. Plus, you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon foot print.
It is win-win situation. You benefit whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or property manager. It is in your best interest to save money wherever you can, and one easy way to achieve that is to install solar on your home, retail store, restaurant, school, church, or apartment building. The Payback Period and Return-On-Investment can't be accomplished with any other home improvement.  Benefit from the Federal Tax Credit before it sunsets in 2019.  Ross Roofing & Solar, your #1 roofing & solar company in Central California since 1950.
Ross Roofing & Solar is committed to ensuring you receive energy-efficient roofing, solar, and battery solutions installed by trained technicians and backed by unbeatable customer service.

Solar Power Solutions

  • Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Peak Shaving and Battery Back-Up Systems
  • We provide several options to meet your budget
  • The only installer of Lumos all glass panels.  "The Art of Solar"
  • Roof and Ground Mount Systems
  • We focus on the Aesthetics of your system along with production

Lumos Solar Panels:

2016 Product Innovations Award Winner; Form Meets Function; We Are Solar Architects; The Art Of Solar: American made transparent glass Solar Panels that add to the design of your home!



Residential Solar Residential Solar
Residential Solar Residential Solar
Residential Solar Residential Solar
Residential Solar



Commercial Solar Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar



As of September of 2017 all PG&E customers will be changed to a new rate structure, TOU or Time-Of-Use. It sounds fine and dandy, but PG&E did this for 3 reasons:
     1. They like making money.
     2. Customers will be charged outrageous money for the times people are home.
     3. They hate Solar because of reason #1.

The Solar and Battery technicians came up with an incredible solution to this problem. If you notice in the diagram below, the yellow curve is the production of solar during the day. In the past, our solar customers would overproduce more solar than they needed during the day, shooting excess power to the grid, and then borrowing it back during the night and morning. It was a beautiful system called net-metering. Since the start of TOU rating customers pay 3-4 times as you get home from work and even with solar surplus you saved for the evening, they still charge these huge fees because you are

Borrowing it back from the grid, but not anymore!!!! Now, we at Ross Roofing and Solar are installing batteries that use the energy we produced all day, stored in our battery, and tell the battery to kick on once our solar has stopped producing energy. Instead of us borrowing it back from the grid at $.39/kWh (a crime), our battery sends us the energy back for $0/kWh until we go to sleep. During the night,
the battery will trickle charge itself at the cheapest energy rate and be ready to kick on when you rise and shine, saving you once again for this silly $.39/kWh. That is smart thinking.

Before batteries, in the event of a storm electricity outage, PG&E demanded your Solar systems be shut-down. But now if you have a long-term outage, your solar and battery system work as a silent generator for as long as you need it. The solar stays on and produces electricity during the day and charges your battery for the nighttime just you were off the grid. Just don’t let your neighbors now!!

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